Iu-Mien Village Farms

Sunol, CA
Organic Farm Co-op of Lao Iu-Mien families

Iu-Mien Village Farms is an organic farm cooperative of Lao Iu-Mien families. Iu-Mien Village Farms was founded in April 2006 and is dedicated to fostering health and wellness among its members by growing and selling high-quality organic produce.

Most Iu-Mien refugees were subsistence farmers in their home country of Laos. Iu-Mien Village Farms provides its members opportunities to reconnect to the land; grow traditional foods; learn organic farming methods; and develop economic strength for their families.

Iu-Mien Village Farms is a project of the East Bay Asian Youth Center (EBAYC) and is located on a four-acre parcel at the Sunol Agriculture Park (Sunol AgPark).

How to get our strawberries

U-pick- You can pick the best organic strawberries you want! Please call Muang (510-715-6850) or Warn (510-919-2147) to schedule a visit.

Strawberry Stand open on Highway 84 at Sunol Road, Sunol; 10am-5pm, 7 days a week, starting 2nd week of April, 2010.

Name Iu-Mien Village Farms
Address 505 Paloma Way, Sunol, CA
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